A By-Election

For the first time since 1992 Moose Jaw finds itself with a By-Election being called mid-point in a 4 year term. It’s an interesting time in Moose Jaw’s history with the largest Infrastructure Renewal program underway in the form of the Cast Iron Watermain Replacement program now nearing the end of Phase 3. There are a number of other pressing infrastructure issues facing our city and the balancing act it will take to address them is going to continue to be just that – a balancing act.

As I enter this race it feels different than running in a General Election. During a General Election candidates can present themselves as being part of a “new Council” that will bring sweeping changes to how things have been done by the previous elected officials. But with this By-Election I feel it is important to acknowledge that even though, as a newly elected Councillor, I will bring a fresh perspective and a different view of things, I must be prepared to work with the existing elected officials. That means adding value but also accepting the direction and vision that has already been cast by the current members of Council. I am completely prepared and able to work with the 6 members of Council who were elected in 2016. I do have some differing views but my strength has always been to be able to find consensus and to communicate effectively in order to move things along. I am not looking to be antagonistic but to be a full-fledged team player from day number 1.

My 7 years of experience on City Council positions me well for stepping into this role mid-term and also right at Budget time. Being newly elected is always a huge learning curve and therefore my previous experience, understanding and knowledge of process, procedures and policies will be a huge asset. I’m also familiar with the inner workings of City Hall,  it’s departments and programs.

The By-Election is set for Wednesday, October 17 and I ask for your support at the polls. I look forward to serving you again as your City Councillor.

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