Heather Eby for Mayor

November 3rd, 2021

This is the date for Moose Jaw’s Mayoral By-Election and I am seeking your support in my bid for this important role.

As your Mayor I will endeavor to exemplify all of the characteristics that you expect from the leader of your city. I will bring my knowledge, experience, respect and collaboration to the position and will work hard to make you proud of our city.

Over the past year the Council that you elected in 2020 has built a team that has learned how to come to consensus on many of the issues we face. When we do disagree we have found a way to be able to do so without becoming divided. As your Mayor I will continue to lead our Council in that direction and to build on the good foundation that has been laid.

The Mayor is only one vote but is the voice of the majority and I promise to stand behind the decisions made by City Council even when I may not have voted the same way as my colleagues.

I will champion our city provincially and nationally and around the world if given that opportunity. There are many exciting things on Moose Jaw’s horizon and I believe that I have the skills to be your Mayor for a time such as this.