Me to You

It is my nature to try to connect with people no matter who they are or where I meet them. From the line up at the grocery store, to church, to walking down the street – I am interested in you! And although my opinions are sometimes strong, opposing or alternative ideas add value to my decision-making and I welcome challenging points of view. Coloring all things with respect gives strength and dignity to even the toughest situations.

Renewal in our city needs to begin from under the ground and up! And we have started that with the Cast Iron Water Main replacement program. But water and sewer infrastructure are just the beginnings. I am committed to supporting and approving projects and budgets that give Moose Jaw the boast it needs to continue moving forward.

Over the past year I have become more and more concerned with the level of Community Safety in our city.  I hear more and more people say that they no longer feel as safe living here as they used to. It is said that perception is reality, and if people are perceiving they are not safe then that is their reality. We need to make decisions to ensure that Moose Jaw regains that long held sense of being a safe community. Budgets may need to be adjusted to get more boots on the ground, or programs may need to be enhanced or revised. The time is now to make those changes.