Sept. 30, 2021 – Today, long-time Moose Jaw City Councillor Heather Eby announced her intention to run in the Nov. 3, 2021 By-Election for Mayor of the City of Moose Jaw.

“Being a City Councillor for over 10 years in this community has been the most rewarding experience of my life,” said Eby. “Now, I want to serve the people of Moose Jaw as their Mayor and give everything I have to this community and the people in it and do the best job I can for this city.”

Heather Eby is one of the most experienced City Councillors and community leaders in the City of Moose Jaw. First elected in 2009, Heather previously served three terms as a Moose Jaw City Councillor. Over the last 11 years Heather has sat on various boards and committees, including the Board of Police Commissioners, the DFFH Board, the Murals Board, Parks and Rec Advisory Committee, Economic Development Commission, and the Wakamow Valley Board.

As a self-employed entrepreneur operating a small massage therapy business for the last 28 years, Heather knows how important local business and the economy is to the city. “As we recover from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic I want to focus on supporting out small and medium sized businesses across the city,” Eby added. Heather Eby also worked with the previous council to lower taxes in 2020 to support local businesses in Moose Jaw.    

Heather Eby is the only Mayoral candidate that paved the way for the creation of the $780 million Great Plains Power Station currently being built by creating the industrial subdivision for it to happen.  “We need to continue to focus on growing the Moose Jaw economy and adding to our tax base so we can improve those programs and services for the residents of Moose Jaw.”

Infrastructure rehabilitation and the current Cast Iron Water Main Replacement program was an issue Eby has cared about and championed. For years previous councils ignored these issues hiding under the streets. In 2012, Heather Eby was part of creating a program to tackle this rehabilitation. Eby also supported the work to rehabilitate the 7th avenue bridge.

Heather and her husband Ebb are grateful to have their children and grandchildren also living in Moose Jaw. The family are Warrior Season Ticket holders and look forward to cheering on the home team together. Heather is also active member at Ironwood Family Fitness and a member of Victory Church.

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