One of the first things people want to know when someone announces they’re running in any kind of election is “What’s your platform?”

Generally speaking a platform is something built to elevate you. Like this stage – it’s really just a glorified platform! We’re all up here so you can see us better. Maybe that’s what an election platform really is – something that allows people to raise themselves up so you can see them better.

But from this vantage point, on this stage, on this platform, I can actually see all of you better. With that in mind, I want to be sure that the things that I built my platform on allow me to see you.

Like Economic Development ~ how does it affect you? If you’re an entrepreneur, a city that makes being in business as simple as possible, helps you to realize your dreams. If you’re a young person, hoping to stay here, a city that prepares for industrial growth and pursues Industry, opens up opportunities for your future. More retail development & services increase quality of life by giving you more options. Ultimately new industrial and commercial development add tax dollars to City of Moose Jaw revenue, which adds to what the city can do for you through programs & services. So adding Economic Development to my platform is because I see life better for you when we stand up for and encourage all types of Economic Development activity!

And “Infrastructure”. How does it affect you? It affects every aspect of your daily life whether you notice it or not. But likely you’ll only notice it is when it’s lacking or failing. Normally nobody much thinks about water distribution because we don’t see the facilities or underground network that bring it to our homes 24/7. But when it starts to fail – you notice, and you should!
And Roads get everyone talking – when they’re bad, or closed. Because you rely on them every day to get you to where you’re going, for work, for recreation, in emergencies or in the daily grind. You likely don’t really notice the roads that are good – but the ones that are bad annoy you daily. Recreational facilities are also infrastructure – and I know that good and various recreational facilities are important to you and your family. So when I look at you on the building block of infrastructure – I see you much more clearly – because these are the things that you rely on every day. And I am committed to continuing to support projects and budgets that renew our infrastructure!

My platform is about you, the people of Moose Jaw. And I will stand on it over the next four years, so that I can see you more clearly and serve you better!



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